Birth Doula Services

I would be honored to be part of your birth team! I’m a professionally trained birth doula, postpartum doula. I am passionate about supporting you and your family through the transition from pregnancy to birth and postpartum healing. ​

As your birth doula, I will help you prepare and share resources with you prenatally so that you can feel safe and comfortable during your labor. I will share my knowledge about hospital procedures, natural birth, birth interventions, pain medications, home-birth, and anything that might come up so that you can make decisions that are best for your family.

We will use various tools and comfort measures throughout your birth to help you through the experience. Supporting you with absolute non-judgment, realizing that every labor and birth is unique. My goal for every family is for you to go through the birth experience feeling cared for and supported. No matter where or how your baby is born, I want to support you and help you to be satisfied with your birth experience as well as feeling confident and capable to parent in your own way.

Fees for birth doula work are between $500-$650 depending on location. To make a booking, please contact me for an interview. After we meet and decide to work together, I will give you a contract to fill out and return with a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due by 37 weeks of pregnancy or paid in full if booking is made after 37 weeks.

Now you are back home after your birth. You and your partner are gazing at your newborn. It’s unbelievable how much love you have for this tiny new member of your family. You can’t imagine life being anymore perfect than this moment. THEN you realize that you haven’t showered in 3 days, your dirty laundry is piling up and the dog hasn’t gone on a walk in nearly a week. Suddenly the reality of how different your life is hits you and you wonder how you will manage all of life’s tasks when you’re responsible for the care of this beautiful little human. Then your postpartum doula from A Blessed Event knocks quietly on the door and greets you with a smile. She reminds you she’s here to help! Whether you need to take a shower, return phone calls or just take a walk with the dog she can help you. You may need to be instructed on the best way to bathe, clothe or diaper your newborn. How about meals? need help with other children? straightening up the house? A nap perhaps? Let me hold  your newborn while you snooze away happily. If you have questions or just need to talk during your doula’s shift that can happen as well. Your doula will be there to offer encouragement, reassurance, support and education that address the physical, emotional, and educational needs of your whole family. I will have a list of community resources at hand. I will be a listening ear, compassionate and will assist you in a thoughtful and kind manner.

Postpartum Doula Services & Pricing

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support
  • Helping you feel confident in your role as parents
  • Newborn Cues
  • Swaddling
  • Diapering ,bathing and dressing baby
  • Infant massage techniques
  • Preparing  light  meals for you and the family
  • Run errands
  • Need to get out of the house and don’t want to go alone? Lets go to lunch or head out shopping together. I can assist you to any doctor appts you or your baby may have
  • SLEEP! enjoy a well deserved nap while I care for your baby

Postpartum shifts are generally 4 hours long in length but can be longer ..we can develop a schedule together that works for you and your family. We can also provide you with Overnight care! Overnight shifts are a minimum of 8 hours.

Postpartum fees are $25 hr daytime shifts and $35 an hour for overnights. You can buy a package to be custom made for you. If you’d like to add on massage for you or your partner that will be at a discount price a la carte at $50 per hour; I will bring my massage table sheets music creams and oils and you just relax! Travel rates past 25 miles will go up by $10 hr

At our free consultation we can discuss options for packages and prices further. I look forward to assisting you in this new journey!


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